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Nonprofit Startup Masterclass

Start a Nonprofit from scratch with 6 steps outlined in this course.

Nonprofit Consulting

Let's schedule a consultation call and figure out how I can help your organization.

1 %
of nonprofits outsource for projects
1 %
of adults volunteer their time every year
1 %
of millennial give to charities every year


I have an idea but not sure what to do next. can you help me ?

Ofcourse! Send me a message and we can set a consultation. My favorite projects are the one we start from scratch. 

How long does it take to become a 501c3 organization?

On average, there are about 6 steps to creating a nonprofit organization. These steps include filing various documents with state and federal agencies. So it can take up to 6 months (at the longest). 

Do you provide consultations?

I do 🙂 We both should feel confident about working together. 

How long is the masterclass?

The Masterclass is broken into 6 sessions with videos and downloadable pdfs with samples of documents that you can fill in to fit your nonprofit.

do nonprofits make money?

Last year nonprofits made $440 BILLION…

what specific services do you provide?

Start Nonprofits from scratch, plan programs, recruit and organize Board of Directors, create fundraise action plans, provide tools for training management, strategy planning…

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