The Badass Mom Behind She Is Social

Oh Hey There Heather!

Heather is a stay at home mom of almost 3 beautiful babies and the owner of She is Social, a social media management company for female entrepreneurs. Heather prides herself on helping #femaleentrepreneurs with their social media thing!

She is based in Boise, Idaho and was encouraged by those around her to start promoting her social media management business online, so she did! With over 1K followers on Instagram she is about to launch her new website. She is a forced to be reckoned with and I wanted to learn more about her.

How do help people manage their social media?

I offer different social media packages: 

  1. One-on-one sessions
  2. Monthly coaching/consulting packages
  3. I manage social media accounts directly 💁🏻


What’s the smartest business decision you’ve ever made?

Starting my business has been my best business decision so far! And with starting it, staying true to who I am and what I want to accomplish has guided me along the way.


What is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

DON’T LISTEN TO THOSE WHO SAY YOU CAN’T! (All caps because it needs to be yelled at myself) HAHA


What is your favorite quote?

“Gator don’t take no shit!” I’m pretty sure this is from a movie, but it was told to me by a former boss/close friend whom I admire greatly! (@stilettoconfessions) It was told to me at a time I needed it most (pregnant with my first and becoming a single mom). I used to allow others to walk over me and take advantage of me. I am far from that person now, but I still go to that quote when I need a little push or just to remember.

What’s been your most profound life changing moment?

Becoming a Mom to my daughters. This changed my outlook incredibly and helped kick me into gear. I want to be a role model to my girls, to show them how to be a mom, wife, and hustle to follow my dreams.


How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Being a work-from-home-mom has its pros & cons! I get to stay home with my babies all day which is great. I have learned (and accepted) that there is no balance. I try to wake up an hour or 2 before them in the morning to have coffee, quite and get some work done. Usually I work on the couch, next to my girls, while they watch Netflix. But I have also learned to put my phone down or computer away to spend quality time with them as well.


What advice do you have for young women who want to follow their passion but aren’t sure how to get there?

Just start! Even if you don’t know where to start, ask questions, hear the rejections but keep insisting. Follow your dreams and do whatever you have to to accomplish them. Never let anybody tell you you can’t!


Who is your role model/mentor?

My biggest role model, mentor, influencer over the past few years has been @stilettoconfessions, Jennifer. She has been incredibly honest with me, she has encouraged me, helped me and guided me in my professional career, to being a single mom, new wife and now in my new business. I could go on forever about how much she means to me!


What’s next for you?

I will be launching my website by the end of August, which I am excited for! I’m also due with my 3rd baby (a boy) in October! I have been taking everything with my business slowly but after October, I hope to really get things rolling!

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The Creative Women of Muse Tea Box

Introducing Muse Tea Box!!! This monthly subscription box is for all my fellow tea lovers and creative peeps. Founded by Pam Topper and Kandice Abrahamson in Portland, Oregon, this subscription box is inspired by the nine muses in Greek mythology. Each box is themed around one of the nine muses who are all responsible for a different category of inspiration (Astronomy, Dance, Love Poetry, Self-Praise). Receive mouth-watering loose leaf teas and inspirational items every month that help get your creative juices flowing!



Muse Tea Box is accepting orders and sending their first box in September! So I wanted to interview the women behind Muse to hear their story and find out what these go-getters had to say about this exciting venture.

The Founders of Muse Tea Box are courageous, inspirational and driven women who put their big girl panties on and went for their dream. They’ve never stopped creating and coming up with new ideas….and I know you’re going to love them as much as I do! I chatted with Pam and Kandice about their process, their inspiration and what’s next for them.


(Kandice & Pam)

What are three words that you would use to describe Muse Tea Box?

  1. Inspire
  2. Empower
  3. Create

What’s the smartest business decision you’ve ever made?

Pam: Even when I thought no one was paying attention, I kept creating and putting things out there. 

Advice you would give to your younger self:

Pam: Just keep making stuff, no matter what anyone thinks. If you think it’s a stupid idea, make note of it or make it anyway, because it could likely morph into something awesome.

Kandice: Say yes. Say yes to opportunities that take you outside of your comfort zone, that challenge your brain and stimulate your senses.

Your favorite quote:

Kandice: “All you need is love” Paul McCartney, John Lennon


Your life changing moment:

Pam: Waiting on life for the “right time” was very frustrating. I eventually got fed up and figured out that I could do whatever I wanted if I started doing it NOW. I didn’t have to wait on anyone or anything to create my own happiness.

What do you fear the most?

Pam: Failure. But if you don’t risk failing, you won’t gain success. I’d rather fail and learn something along the way, so I can do it better the next time. It’s better than standing still and not trying.

Kandice: Not reaching my full potential!

What’s next for you?

Pam: I’m excited about designing some specific Muse Tea Box products that will be available for purchase in our store.

Kandice: After we get our first couple of boxes out, I’d love to expand our blog (share inspirations, books, poems, recipes, podcasts that inspire us).

Fill in the blank:

Create like a boss, because ideas are power.

Visit and get 10% off your first order with the code FIRST


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Fuck Fear + Let Love Flow

Miracle Challenge: Week #1

I consider myself to be a self aware person but I’ve felt that something has been “off” lately. My anxiety has been really high and I just feel lost with no direction most of the time. Something needed to change and when I thought about making a drastic change to my lifestyle the transformational work of Gabby Bernstein came to mind. Gabby’s book focuses on making subtle shifts to create radical change in your life and that’s what I was seeking. So I began the work. The following openly documents my first week of this 6 week miracle challenge.

Each week focuses on ridding of something that isn’t serving you in your life and adding things that do in order to let miracles occur.


Day #1: Witness Your Fear 

The purpose of the first day was to raise consciousness and open your mind to your fear based patterns.

Affirmation: I am willing to witness my fear.

Evening Exercise: I took 10 minutes to write in my journal and reflect on my experience as it pertained to my fears (triggers, fearful thoughts, physical sensations and moods).

Alright, so this was the first day of my 6 week challenge to allow miracles into my life and create some radical change. I was a little dramatic and felt like I had to remind myself at any chance I had that “I was willing to witness my fear”. LOL Hey but I tried, it made some impact and laid a very thin layer of foundation for the rest of the week’s work.


Day #2 Surrender to the willingness to change

“The slightest willingness to see your life with love will be the catalyst of your greatest change.”

Morning Reflection: Today I am willing to see things differently. Today I am willing to change my mind. I know a simple shift in perception will create a miraculous shift. I know change is what I need. I surrender, I am willing. I am ready to see love. Ing show me what you got! Show me the way.

Affirmation: I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to see love.

Evening Exercise: I wrote down all of the fears I had and then went back and wrote “I am willing to see love instead of this!” next to each of them.

This day was great! My perspective actually started to shift when I was reminding myself to see things differently. I wasn’t yet at the understanding that miracles were just a shift in perception, but I was getting there.


Day #3: Say no to fear

“Flip you fear upside down.”

Morning Reflection: There’s always a loving perspective. Today I welcome new perceptions. I’m am willing to let go of my old limiting beliefs and let love enter in. I choose to believe that there is always a loving perspective. I choose to see love.

Affirmation: Love did not create this (my fear).

Evening Exercise: I answered the following questions and then wrote a letter to my inner guide to surrender the belief that Fear is easier because it is familar. What was my fear? I wouldn’t succeed working on my own. How did it feel to use my affirmation? Felt freeing. How did it feel when I allowed myself to see my fear through love? I felt successful and accomplished.


Day #4: Focus on gratitude 

“Trust that your feelings of gratitude are stronger than your fear.”

Morning Reflection: I begin my day with gratitude. I am grateful for another day. I’m grateful to breath the air. I’m grateful for the trees, the grass and the sky. I open my mind to focus on gratitude today. I release all illness, all limiting beliefs. I choose gratitude instead.

Affirmation: Gratitude is my only attitude today.

To be super honest…I did not do the evening exercise this day. I had a shitty day at work and the only thing I was grateful for was the traffic I sat in on the way home from work. That stupid traffic reminded me of why I was committing myself to this challenge and why I should stay motivated to believe in myself and my vision for my business.


Day #5: The F word, Forgiveness

“If we remain unforgiving we block the voice of love.”

Morning Reflection: Today I let myself off the hook. I look upon my life experience with a loving eye. I forgive myself for all my fearful thoughts and actions. I know that when I let go of my anger and self attack, I will recalibrate my loving presence within. I forgive myself and clear space for loving guidance to set in. Today self-forgiveness is my primary function.

Affirmation: I forgive myself for choosing fear. I choose love instead.

The idea of forgiving myself was not a new concept. A couple weeks ago I felt tons of anxiety in my arms, I was waking up with a stiff jaw from clinching my teeth at night, and I was staring off into space while I was in meetings. These are the red flags that I’ve witnessed before I have a breakdown. And they were right in from of me once again. So I sat on my meditation pillow, played some soft music and began to let all of that shit go. Everything that was holding me back came out in the form of tears and yelling. I felt so much better, but let’s be real, life happens and chances are the same shit always comes back. Today was one of those days. So once more, I didn’t do my evening exercise and decided to ignore this challenge for a few days while I regrouped myself.


Day #6: Expect Miracles 

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception.”

Morning Reflection: I forgive myself for getting stuck in fear. I believe in miracles. Today I am grateful because I have the willingness to remember that miracles are my birthright. Today I open my consciousness and participate in the co-creation of miracles. I know that when I am miracle-minded I have the capacity to witness and experience miracles in all corners of my life. I believe in miracles.

Affirmation: I believe in miracles.

After taking a few days to reflect on the work I had done previously this week, I came to realize that the very small steps and changes in my perception were “working”. I was more aware of negative feelings that I was feeling in my body and others also realized that I was making an effort to be more positive. So I decided to finish my week strong by meditating to center myself and prepare for week #2.


Day #7: Reflection

The way that I view the world changed a smidge, and that’s the point. I made the conscious decision to meditate more and drink less, spent a lot of time with family and friends and ate a little healthier. I’ve also noticed a type of purging occurring in my life. I don’t mention much about relationships in my blog but this week has been particularly interesting and even scary at times. The universe is definitely up to something and I am open to being miracle-minded. Fuck my fears and let love flow! I’m coming for you week #2! ✌🏼❤️ – Elyse


Boost Your Resume with Volunteer Experience

I never thought that I would work for a nonprofit. No one in my family or circle of friends had worked in a nonprofit before so I never considered it to be an option. As a teenager, I had never volunteered in high school and as an adult, hadn’t donated money to any cause. But yet I now find myself the Director of a successful nonprofit organization.

Like most organizations, the nonprofit I work for utilizies the service of volunteers to provide programs to the community. These volunteers devote their free time to helping others and working to create a more inclusive and accepting culture. Our volunteers are amazing people!

Since I have started working for a nonprofit I have made a conscious effort to volunteer myself. There are tons of volunteer opportunities out there that fit the needs and wants of every person seeking to volunteer for a cause. is a great resource and tool to find the perfect volunteer opportunity in your area.

I’ve learned that many teens need volunteer hours for high school graduation requirements so they tend to do a lot of volunteering. But there is a higher sense of appreciation when you volunteer as an adult. You are more likely to work in a certain field of interest, you may be more empathetic to a cause because of your life experiences and you are probably choosing to volunteer to genuinely give back and receive some good karma in your life. Nothing wrong with that!

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Strengthen your resume
  • Fill gaps between jobs
  • Changing careers
  • Went to school for a major different than the jobs you are applying to
  • Travel to amazing places
  • Help others
  • Broaden your interests and knowledge

How To Start A Nonprofit (in a nutshell)

Over the years of learning the ins-and-outs of the “Nonprofit World”, I’ve come to the understanding that it is SO DO-ABLE for people to start their own organizations. Since the inception of this blog I have had tons of people share that they either have a great idea for a non-profit or already have a 501c3 and need some help….that’s crazy!

You know that feeling that you get when you realize that you haven’t just been wandering through life? Like, you’re feeling that you’re now in alignment with your purpose in life? Well, these people were the lightbulb I needed to realize that I have a knowledge base to help others in the nonprofit startup field.

My experience as a Nonprofit Manager and currently, Director has given me insight into the ins-and-outs of navigating through, what I call, “The Nonprofit Process”. I’ve put together guidelines to jumpstart your idea. Follow these and you’ll be on your way to developing a successful nonprofit:

Step 1:  Figure out what you’re passionate about and where the gap is.

Narrow down your interests and pair it with a need you see in your community or region and use that as a starting point.

For example: I am passionate about creating art and empowering women. So I can start with the idea of creating an organization that offers opportunities for women to showcase their art, expose them to more art forms and educate them about entrepreneurship (selling their art).

Step 2: Research nonprofits that are already serving a similar mission to the same population.

If there isn’t a similar service being offered then WALLAH, you’ve found your gap! If there is a nonprofit that is already serving a similar mission, or offering something similar, then ask yourself, “Can I tweak my idea? What would be unique about my organization? And what is unique about myself?” These questions will help reveal the uniqueness of what you want to offer and make your nonprofit distinct from others.

Step 3: Choose your identity.

This is the fun part (but take your time). In order to start a nonprofit and continue moving forward, you must choose a name for your organization. Take an afternoon to jot down ideas and word vomit anything that comes to mind. Pick some of your faves and share them with friends, family and/or business partners. The name you choose has to make sense for the service you’ll be offering and the population you’ll be serving.

For example: (Using our previous nonprofit idea). If I named that nonprofit “The Brush Project”, it seems like an OK name because it references art, but the fact that my nonprofit will serve women isn’t reflected in that name. What would be a better name for this nonprofit?

Step 4: Check with your states nonprofit website to ensure that your nonprofit name is available.

(This website varies by state. Google should guide your way 🙂 Once you know your name is available you can move forward in creating your brand and filing for 501c3 status.

If you’re interested in going into more depth and receiving WAY more advice and guidance, inquire about my upcoming Nonprofit Startup Course. This online course goes in depth to map out your vision, build your brand, network in your community, provides techniques to raise money and so much more!

Let me know which steps you’ve conquered and I’d love to hear your nonprofit ideas!

See ya,



Take Advantage of Your Work Commute

For the past 2 years I have had to commute an hour each way to and from work. For the first year I was always stuck in traffic (pissed off) and listened to mindless music. But recently I have been coming from a place of LOVE (Thank you, Gabby Bernstein!) and have sought more productive and meaningful ways to spend my loooooong drive.

I got to a point about a year ago, where I psychotically considered hiring a driver or getting some deluxe Uber monthly package to have someone drive me to and from work everyday. It’s so ridiculous to admit and I can’t believe I just wrote that. But it’s the truth and I know I’m not alone. LA traffic is THE WORST!

But once I changed my perspective and found something valuable to do with my time, my attitude started to change.

So now, I spend time listening to podcasts and audio books on Audible…It’s the best (Nacho Libra voice). Though I haven’t been 100% consistent, it has helped!!!! I sometimes go a month without listening to a podcast or book and then someone says something to remind me of how much I enjoyed them.

Obviously my titles of consumption reflect the place in life I am currently in, but these are my favorite titles. So indulge in one and knock yourself out with all of this knowledge.


Social Media + Your Next Job

Hey everyone!

As part of my position as a Nonprofit Director, I take part in finding the next addition to our team that I believe will be good fit. And over the years something has popped out at me about the hiring process. I have sat through enough interviews and looked at hundreds of resumes to know that social media is an important component when you’re applying for jobs or balancing a new career.

Listen to me when I say this … Your social media accounts can make or break your chances of scoring your dream job! I can’t even tell you how quick I am to jump on my Insta, Google a name or look someone up on Facebook. And man, I have seem some weird shit! From dildo pics, to naked pics, and pics of people doing drugs. So please, I beg you, clean up your accounts before you apply for that next job!

Follow these tips and your application wont get thrown in the loser pile because of something they saw on social media:

  1. Make it private: The easiest thing to do to prevent future or current employees from digging into your personal life is to make all your accounts private. Make sure you have nice profile pics on all your accounts and don’t write anything too crazy in your tagline.
  2. Finsta yourself: I guess there’s such thing as “Finsta” accounts now. This is a page for young professionals but I guess I’m not young enough to know some of the new social media trends (My 20 year old sister had to teach me that little piece of info). You basically create a fake account with your name and only add your closest friends, then you post all your ratchet pics and only those people will see them. This account is where you let your freak flag fly (So I hear).
  3. Go rogue: I hired a Manager onto our team about a year ago and my team and I couldn’t find him anywhere on social media! He was previously a middle school teacher and we later found out that he didn’t want his students finding him online so he inverted the first letter of first and last name. *GENIUS* So instead of Elyse Ares, my social media would be Alyse Eres … not too bad right! (I feel like this is a little extreme though). But it worked!
  4. Clean up your act: If you’re applying to a job and you think your social media accounts would help you get that job (they get a better idea of who you are), then sift through all of your pics, hashtags and comments to make sure there isn’t anything inappropriate. Always stay away from political and religious posts (unless you’re applying for a political position or wanting to work in the religious sector). Though employers aren’t supposed to judge on these two topics…they do!

Oh and don’t put your social media info on your resume unless it is VERY relevant to the job you are applying for!!

Let me know if these tips worked for you and I’d love to hear what you did with your social media when you were applying for jobs.

Ok Bye!



Add Creativity Into Your Life

Creativity is a means to express one’s self and feel good about what you produce. Some forms of creativity are more obvious than others, but all are ways to put your thoughts and ideas out into the world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Paint: Start with basic watercolors and see what you come up with. You can paint in an abstract form or try a self-portrait. Art is art and no one can devalue it besides yourself.

Write: Put pen to paper and start free writing. Remember that class in college that you bullshitted your way through? Now you can actually put it to use. Write anything that comes to mind and see if you can draft a story or create a comic.

Blog: Have a knack for something specific? Create a blog and offer advice and insight to others. There are blogs about EVERY topic imaginable.

Thrift Store Shopping: Refurbish an old piece of furniture, buy a pair of pants and turn it into a skirt. There are endless ideas to reuse and create new outfits at Thrift Stores.

Build Something: Shelves, mirrors, jewelry holder etc.

Workout: Explore your interests by signing up for a new fitness class, or get a group of friends and join a league.

Live in Inspiration: Decorate your space with things that continually inspire you and when they no longer do, change them.



Get On Track With Your Goals

Let’s face it, it’s already June!!!!!! Where the hell did all that time go? I swear I blinked and 6 months went by.

Well if you’re like me you may need a little nudge to get back on track with your 2018 goals. Here are steps to get you to the finish line of 2018:

Step One: What is your vision?

Ask yourself the following questions: First, What inspires you and what would you like to accomplish in the next 5-10 years? Second, Are there small steps you can accomplish by the end of the year that would help you reach that vision for your life? What are they?

Step Two: Write out all your goals

Personal, Relationships, Spiritual, Financial, Career and other types of goals you may have. Prioritize them and figure out which are the most important to put into motion by December.

Step Three: Create action plans for each goal

First, acknowledge the hurdles you may face in reaching each goal, then figure out a game plan. Give yourself a deadline and write a reward you’ll give yourself when you accomplish each goal.

Step Four: Create a timeline

Map out when you’ll set aside time to devote to each goal.

Step Five: Keep your goals visible

Keep your timeline in a visible place. Visualizing your goals is more powerful than you may think. Try it!

These steps have helped me get back on track. Let me know if they’ve helped you. Leave me a comment or send me an email with your 2018 goals.

You got this!



New York, New York


One of my best friends, Francis and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to New York because we needed a break. This was the first time for both of us and as you can tell we did not sleep on our red eye flight LOL! A friend from work had recently moved out to New York and offered to let us stay with them for the weekend. A free place to stay, say no more. We booked our flight that night.

Travel ✈️

The cheapest way to travel from Los Angeles to New York was to take a red eye flight. We actually flew out of the Long Beach Airport. If you live in the area, I highly recommend flying out of there. It is a much smaller airport with less flights, which means less hustle and bustle. The flight was awful and even after taking Benadryl I couldn’t sleep on the flight. But it was worth it and I saved myself over $200 leaving that late at night.

Food 🍕🍷

We yelped places that were near by and chose the best spots. I follow Eater_NY on Instagram so I looked up those restaurants if we were in their area. I do have to say though, I’m a deep dish kinda girl so Chicago still beats New York’s pizza (Hands down)!



We visited the bull, boated by the statue of liberty every morning, went down wall street, saw the New York Times office and visited the gorgeous and VERY famous Central Park. Everything was beautiful!


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