The Hot New Organic Feminine Product

There are many great companies that offer amazing products for women and I wanted to highlight one of my new favorites, L. 

L. is a company that offers 100% organic tampons, pads and condoms. Their tampons (specifically) are chlorine, rayon and fragrance FREE! To be honest I didn’t even know those ingredients were in the tampons I have been using! SCARY! I believe their sleek branding, customer knowledge and great cause makes this up and coming company so unique.

“We believe that periods should only end sentences. Not education and opportunity. For every tampon you purchase, L. provides a pad to a girl in need in a developing country.” -L.

In many countries, girls miss school because of lack of access to sanitary pads. L. matches each sale of a tampon, pad or liner with a donation of an organic cotton pad to a girl in a developing country. Today, L. works with over 3,000 female entrepreneurs and has donated millions of products. To learn more about how L. donates pad making machines to empower female entrepreneurs, visit our movement.




In addition to serving their great cause, L’s instagram account is an eye catcher filled with nipple and vagina drawings, women-empowering quotes and representations of women of all color.

Last year they were picked up as a retailer at Target and they’ve been blowing up ever since. I normally stick to the bigger feminine companies when buying tampons but their packaging caught my eye and I couldn’t resist to pick up the sleek and see-through container with vibrant tampons inside.

While I feel the Luna cup is too far of a swing for me, I do support safer feminine products so I paid $1 more (than the bigger tampon companies) and gave L. Organic Cotton Tampons a try.

The applicator for their tampons are not as sturdy and easy to use as the bigger brands but other than that I just felt safer. Like I mentioned, I had no idea that tampons contained chlorine and rayon so I noticed myself not worried about what was in my body.

Overall, I would recommend that every women try this product for themselves. It serves a great cause and is safer than the average tampons we are used to buying.



Fuck Fear + Let Love Flow

Miracle Challenge: Week #1

I consider myself to be a self aware person but I’ve felt that something has been “off” lately. My anxiety has been really high and I just feel lost with no direction most of the time. Something needed to change and when I thought about making a drastic change to my lifestyle the transformational work of Gabby Bernstein came to mind. Gabby’s book focuses on making subtle shifts to create radical change in your life and that’s what I was seeking. So I began the work. The following openly documents my first week of this 6 week miracle challenge.

Each week focuses on ridding of something that isn’t serving you in your life and adding things that do in order to let miracles occur.


Day #1: Witness Your Fear 

The purpose of the first day was to raise consciousness and open your mind to your fear based patterns.

Affirmation: I am willing to witness my fear.

Evening Exercise: I took 10 minutes to write in my journal and reflect on my experience as it pertained to my fears (triggers, fearful thoughts, physical sensations and moods).

Alright, so this was the first day of my 6 week challenge to allow miracles into my life and create some radical change. I was a little dramatic and felt like I had to remind myself at any chance I had that “I was willing to witness my fear”. LOL Hey but I tried, it made some impact and laid a very thin layer of foundation for the rest of the week’s work.


Day #2 Surrender to the willingness to change

“The slightest willingness to see your life with love will be the catalyst of your greatest change.”

Morning Reflection: Today I am willing to see things differently. Today I am willing to change my mind. I know a simple shift in perception will create a miraculous shift. I know change is what I need. I surrender, I am willing. I am ready to see love. Ing show me what you got! Show me the way.

Affirmation: I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to see love.

Evening Exercise: I wrote down all of the fears I had and then went back and wrote “I am willing to see love instead of this!” next to each of them.

This day was great! My perspective actually started to shift when I was reminding myself to see things differently. I wasn’t yet at the understanding that miracles were just a shift in perception, but I was getting there.


Day #3: Say no to fear

“Flip you fear upside down.”

Morning Reflection: There’s always a loving perspective. Today I welcome new perceptions. I’m am willing to let go of my old limiting beliefs and let love enter in. I choose to believe that there is always a loving perspective. I choose to see love.

Affirmation: Love did not create this (my fear).

Evening Exercise: I answered the following questions and then wrote a letter to my inner guide to surrender the belief that Fear is easier because it is familar. What was my fear? I wouldn’t succeed working on my own. How did it feel to use my affirmation? Felt freeing. How did it feel when I allowed myself to see my fear through love? I felt successful and accomplished.


Day #4: Focus on gratitude 

“Trust that your feelings of gratitude are stronger than your fear.”

Morning Reflection: I begin my day with gratitude. I am grateful for another day. I’m grateful to breath the air. I’m grateful for the trees, the grass and the sky. I open my mind to focus on gratitude today. I release all illness, all limiting beliefs. I choose gratitude instead.

Affirmation: Gratitude is my only attitude today.

To be super honest…I did not do the evening exercise this day. I had a shitty day at work and the only thing I was grateful for was the traffic I sat in on the way home from work. That stupid traffic reminded me of why I was committing myself to this challenge and why I should stay motivated to believe in myself and my vision for my business.


Day #5: The F word, Forgiveness

“If we remain unforgiving we block the voice of love.”

Morning Reflection: Today I let myself off the hook. I look upon my life experience with a loving eye. I forgive myself for all my fearful thoughts and actions. I know that when I let go of my anger and self attack, I will recalibrate my loving presence within. I forgive myself and clear space for loving guidance to set in. Today self-forgiveness is my primary function.

Affirmation: I forgive myself for choosing fear. I choose love instead.

The idea of forgiving myself was not a new concept. A couple weeks ago I felt tons of anxiety in my arms, I was waking up with a stiff jaw from clinching my teeth at night, and I was staring off into space while I was in meetings. These are the red flags that I’ve witnessed before I have a breakdown. And they were right in from of me once again. So I sat on my meditation pillow, played some soft music and began to let all of that shit go. Everything that was holding me back came out in the form of tears and yelling. I felt so much better, but let’s be real, life happens and chances are the same shit always comes back. Today was one of those days. So once more, I didn’t do my evening exercise and decided to ignore this challenge for a few days while I regrouped myself.


Day #6: Expect Miracles 

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception.”

Morning Reflection: I forgive myself for getting stuck in fear. I believe in miracles. Today I am grateful because I have the willingness to remember that miracles are my birthright. Today I open my consciousness and participate in the co-creation of miracles. I know that when I am miracle-minded I have the capacity to witness and experience miracles in all corners of my life. I believe in miracles.

Affirmation: I believe in miracles.

After taking a few days to reflect on the work I had done previously this week, I came to realize that the very small steps and changes in my perception were “working”. I was more aware of negative feelings that I was feeling in my body and others also realized that I was making an effort to be more positive. So I decided to finish my week strong by meditating to center myself and prepare for week #2.


Day #7: Reflection

The way that I view the world changed a smidge, and that’s the point. I made the conscious decision to meditate more and drink less, spent a lot of time with family and friends and ate a little healthier. I’ve also noticed a type of purging occurring in my life. I don’t mention much about relationships in my blog but this week has been particularly interesting and even scary at times. The universe is definitely up to something and I am open to being miracle-minded. Fuck my fears and let love flow! I’m coming for you week #2! ✌🏼❤️ – Elyse


Take Advantage of Your Work Commute

For the past 2 years I have had to commute an hour each way to and from work. For the first year I was always stuck in traffic (pissed off) and listened to mindless music. But recently I have been coming from a place of LOVE (Thank you, Gabby Bernstein!) and have sought more productive and meaningful ways to spend my loooooong drive.

I got to a point about a year ago, where I psychotically considered hiring a driver or getting some deluxe Uber monthly package to have someone drive me to and from work everyday. It’s so ridiculous to admit and I can’t believe I just wrote that. But it’s the truth and I know I’m not alone. LA traffic is THE WORST!

But once I changed my perspective and found something valuable to do with my time, my attitude started to change.

So now, I spend time listening to podcasts and audio books on Audible…It’s the best (Nacho Libra voice). Though I haven’t been 100% consistent, it has helped!!!! I sometimes go a month without listening to a podcast or book and then someone says something to remind me of how much I enjoyed them.

Obviously my titles of consumption reflect the place in life I am currently in, but these are my favorite titles. So indulge in one and knock yourself out with all of this knowledge.


Add Creativity Into Your Life

Creativity is a means to express one’s self and feel good about what you produce. Some forms of creativity are more obvious than others, but all are ways to put your thoughts and ideas out into the world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Paint: Start with basic watercolors and see what you come up with. You can paint in an abstract form or try a self-portrait. Art is art and no one can devalue it besides yourself.

Write: Put pen to paper and start free writing. Remember that class in college that you bullshitted your way through? Now you can actually put it to use. Write anything that comes to mind and see if you can draft a story or create a comic.

Blog: Have a knack for something specific? Create a blog and offer advice and insight to others. There are blogs about EVERY topic imaginable.

Thrift Store Shopping: Refurbish an old piece of furniture, buy a pair of pants and turn it into a skirt. There are endless ideas to reuse and create new outfits at Thrift Stores.

Build Something: Shelves, mirrors, jewelry holder etc.

Workout: Explore your interests by signing up for a new fitness class, or get a group of friends and join a league.

Live in Inspiration: Decorate your space with things that continually inspire you and when they no longer do, change them.



Get On Track With Your Goals

Let’s face it, it’s already June!!!!!! Where the hell did all that time go? I swear I blinked and 6 months went by.

Well if you’re like me you may need a little nudge to get back on track with your 2018 goals. Here are steps to get you to the finish line of 2018:

Step One: What is your vision?

Ask yourself the following questions: First, What inspires you and what would you like to accomplish in the next 5-10 years? Second, Are there small steps you can accomplish by the end of the year that would help you reach that vision for your life? What are they?

Step Two: Write out all your goals

Personal, Relationships, Spiritual, Financial, Career and other types of goals you may have. Prioritize them and figure out which are the most important to put into motion by December.

Step Three: Create action plans for each goal

First, acknowledge the hurdles you may face in reaching each goal, then figure out a game plan. Give yourself a deadline and write a reward you’ll give yourself when you accomplish each goal.

Step Four: Create a timeline

Map out when you’ll set aside time to devote to each goal.

Step Five: Keep your goals visible

Keep your timeline in a visible place. Visualizing your goals is more powerful than you may think. Try it!

These steps have helped me get back on track. Let me know if they’ve helped you. Leave me a comment or send me an email with your 2018 goals.

You got this!



To Do’s Before You Turn 30

It’s never too late to get some accomplishments crossed off of your bucket list before you turn the big 3-0.

1. Travel to another country: Save up some money and make a pact with a friend to go on a trip. Experiencing a different culture can open one’s eyes to what is really important.

2. Raise your credit score: Your twenties are for figuring out how to survive on your own. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the future. A high credit score is VERY important when you are planning to purchase a car or house. I use to keep myself on track. Try it out!

3. Start a retirement account: I started a retirement account when I was 28…Let me tell you…It’s never too late to think about your future. Set up to have a certain amount transferred into your retirement account every month. Trust me, it adds up. For all you boss ladies out there, Check out Ellevest “Invest like a woman, because money is power!”

4. Invest in your future: Open an investment account to set some money aside for your future. I started small with my first account and had $50 taken out every month. I now have thousands saved up!

5. Move out and don’t move back in with your parents: It took me a few tries to get this one right. But I finally did it.

6. Date the old fashion way: I’m sure most of you have tried online dating…why not go back to the old fashioned way? Try it for 3 months and see if you get any good dates out of it. Frequent church, coffee shops, trendy restaurants/bars and creative events (art walks, museum openings etc.).

7. Buy a car: Your car is probably going to be the most expensive thing you own before a house. So choose the right one. When I decided to buy my first car I walked onto the car lot, looked around for 3 minutes and pointed at a car and said “I’ll take that one”. I didn’t give it too much thought, but you should LOL

8. Adjust your style: Every decade of your life deserves a new look. Freshen up your closet, get a new haircut and put a little more color in your life. People love people who love themselves.

9. Have a morning routine: Create healthy habits that include waking up earlier, working out and eating healthier. They pay off and after only a week you’ll notice you have more energy and are WAY MORE productive.

10. Get familiar with politics: You’re almost 30, you should know where you stand on important topics! End of conversation.

11. Volunteer: What are you passionate about? Use to find a nonprofit you can donate your time to. Not only do you feel good about yourself when you help others but you will learn so much about yourself.

12. Take care of your skin: If not now, then when? Your skin will thank you for giving it a little more TLC than your normal routine.

13. Workout regularly: I have yet to set up a consistent workout schedule but it is on my list. I have 6 months until I turn 30….the clock is ticking.

14. Donate money to a cause you care about: Once you find a nonprofit that you love it’ll be easy to donate money to their cause (and it’s a tax write off 😉

15. Start a side-business: Everyone could use a little side cash. Figure out what you’re good at and feel something online or offer a service in your free time. You never know where it could take you!

16. Go skydiving: Live a little!

17. Go to your favorite childhood concerts: I always regret not going to an N*SYNC concert, so now I take advantage of all the opportunities I get to go to concerts. Buy 2 tickets and invite a friend. You won’t regret it!

18. Buy a cook book and actually use it: You’re going to be 30, you should know how to cook for yourself. And eggs and bacon don’t count. May favorite cookbooks are Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and The Grand Central Market Cookbook

19. Take a self defense class: Not that anyone is trying to kidnap a 30 year old but women should always know how to defend themselves and it also counts as working out.

20. Join a club, broaden your interests or immerse yourself into an existing one

21. Live on a budget: Budgeting comes natural to a lot of people…not me! I’ve downloaded spreadsheets, apps and nothing has been able to put me in my place. I finally got tired of seeing a negative sign in my bank account so I began to create goals for myself and keep myself accountable. Finances can be a very personal topic but I found that being accountable to someone helps when you need a little nudge in the right direction. Find someone in your life that you trust and ask them to mentor you in the financial aspect of your life. Talking about money doesn’t need to be taboo!

22. Have a loose plan: I’m sure like most women in their late 20’s, we all had a plan in our mind of what we wanted our life to look like and the goals we wanted to accomplish. Have goals but loosen up you plan a little to let life happen.

23. Start saving for a house/apartment/condo: You will always need a roof over your head and once you get tired of seeing your money disappear into the black whole called “RENT” you’ll start to get an itch to buy your own place. Call a Real Estate Agent that you trust and start the process of investing into your future. A year ago I met with my good friend, who is a Real Estate Agent and she connected me with her broker. We all sat down and once he ran my full credit report he showed me where the holes were in my finances and gave me the exact steps to take to purchase property in my best financial state. Call your agent today! What could it hurt? Knowledge is definitely power in this scenario.

24. Focus on your career: You are either knee deep in your career or you keep bouncing around not knowing what the hell you’re doing with your life. Either way take a moment to write out some clear goals concerning your career. How much money would you like to b making? Are you happy with the work you do? If these don’t align with your current state then something needs to change.

25. Read more: Check out my lists of FAVORITE READS AND LISTENS.

26. Get a mentor: Mentors are the most underutilized resource! Reach out to someone you admire and is doing something similar to what you’d like to do…and ask them for advice! They will most likely be flattered to assist you and give you their insight. Take the free support and get an insider’s perspective.

27. Travel alone: I have yet to travel alone because I’m a chicken but it is on my to-do list. Anyone heard of For The Love Of Travel? Check them out! They are a travel company that organizers and offer affordable trips for young professionals.

28. Run a marathon: Train with a friend and feel the wave of accomplishment when you cross that finish line.

29. Stop complaining!

30. Be happy! Because at 30 you should know who you are, what you want and be happy with all of that!

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