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Kate Shaver, Founder of Handmade by Kate. A custom hand stitched modern embroidery ‘hoop art’ and other goods.


Salem, Ontario, Canada

Follow Her: @handmadebykate  #handmadebykate #HBK #modernembroidery

What’s the story behind HBK What was your inspiration and how did you get started?

I was looking for a unique hobby. I came across hand embroidery and have been in love ever since. I’ve never considered myself an artist but always wished I could be, so being able to create art with my own hands makes me happy.

What makes HBK unique?

I believe HBK is unique because of my ironic chemistry of pretty floral designs with a hint of sarcasm and profanity! With such a huge community of other artisans it can be difficult to be unique. Standing out is all part of the struggles and fun of creating any type of art.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone with a sense of humour and appreciates a unique yet classic piece of art.

Three words that describe your mission:

  1. Create smiles/laughter
  2. Feel good about my own creations
  3. Make that moneeey

What’s the smartest business decision you’ve ever made?

Creating an Instagram page, hands down.(@handmadebykate_) Obviously so many people have one, but it’s really helped my business and I’ve been able to chat with some really wonderful humans. Plus, I’ve learned a lot of other embroidery techniques from other artists’ how-to videos.

What has been your experience with failure and success?

I believe failure is a huge part of doing anything in life. Without failure, you’ll never know what it truly feels like to succeed. Failing sucks but once you succeed you realize why you started.

WORK HARD like a boss, because SELF LOVE is power.

Advice you would give to your younger self:

Learn to draw more. Don’t worry about being perfect. And always enjoy what you have.

Your favorite quote:

“Everything happens for a reason even though you may not see it at the time.”

What advice do you have for young women who want to follow their passion but aren’t sure how to get there?

Just do it. Seriously. Stay true to what you love, and never stop pushing for happiness. Whatever that may be.

Who is your role model?

Anyone who inspires me to be myself and not be ashamed of who or what I am!

What’s next for you?

Keep on growing, creating, designing and stitching.

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