Nonprofit Startup Masterclass

Join this 6-week small group to receive hands-on coaching to take you from dreaming about your nonprofit to running it! 

Do you have a passion to create a nonprofit but not sure where to start?

Join a small group of 4 – 6 others who are working to achieve the same goal… 

To start their killer nonprofit!

Masterclass Includes:

– Weekly live webinar group sessions 

– Goals to accomplish each week 

– Creating a Board of Directors

– Program Development

– Marketing

– Fundraising 

– One-on-one weekly sessions 

Your Coach

Elyse Ares

With over 8 years of Nonprofit and Education experience, I lead each small group of entrepreneurs through a timeline to turn your nonprofit idea into an ACTUAL NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. I am hands on and available everyday in the 6-week course to collaborate and answer all questions. My passion is to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals! 

Nonprofit Startup Masterclass Schedule

Week One - Mission & Vision

Create the foundation of your new organization. Figure out the core values that drive your passion to start this new nonprofit. 

week four - EIN and 1023

Additional applications that need to be filed in order to be recognized as a 501c3 by state and federal agencies. 

Week two - Board of directors

Appoint a Board of Directors for your organization and schedule your first meeting. 

week five - Fundraising and Grants

Discover various ways to raise money for your organization and find the best avenues for you. 

week three - 501c3 Status

We work through each section of filing out your 501c3 application.

week six - PRogram Development and delivery

Define services that will be offered by your organization, the cost structure that is needed to maintain them and how they will be delivered. 

Ready to start your nonprofit?

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